April 2023 Horoscope

Diving into the astrology for April 2023 and Aries season at Astrology Energy. The month of April is a time of forward movement and progress as we welcome in the season of Spring. As we look at the energies of the zodiac, the planetary alignment and the future of astrology heading into Aries season and out further into the year towards the Summer season ahead, it’s amazing how the astrological aspects in different alignments can create such a unique force of energy in the stars.

Mars Energy and the development of the warrior mind has been a common theme in recent months. When we meditate on April 2023 astrology and focus on Jupiter and Astrology in mind. It’s important that we take this time to reflect and look out beyond 3 months away and further into what we are wanting in 2023 and 2024, plans to travel, for love and business.

One may ponder about money and the financial side of astrology when they dream of traveling the world in exploration. At Astrology Energy, we tap into the desires of the soul.