December 2023

As we look towards the future of astrology and head out further into the year towards the winter month of December, it’s amazing how the astrological aspects in different alignments can create such a unique force. Mars Energy and the development of the warrior mind has been a common theme and when we meditate on Tuesday’s focus as we look out over the night sky with Astrology in mind. It’s important that we take this time to reflect and look out beyond 3 months away and further into what we are wanting in 2023 and 2024, plans to travel to Southeast Asia, or Europe. These decisions must be made soon.

 Everything that is today, it’s not worth worrying about. It’s too close. On New Year’s Day 2023 I must plan to either be in SeAsia or in Europe. With everything such as the findings in astrology and the eclipsed full moon in Taurus Home Made Sushi Gaming and the best Tokyo gaming plus everything on the latest in the music industry and creating music abroad in places like Hollywood. Dedicating hours to playing as the focus towards inward on the journey. Wine, Los Angeles, music and songwriting. 

December 2023 Horoscope and Astrology

A grounded approach to life focused on yoga, spirituality, and developing a stronger connection with oneself and and where am I to invest my time and energy next? Global Partners, Local Level including our restaurant marketing services focused on the cuisines of Bangkok, Thailand, the nightlife of Manila, the beautiful safari’s in Nairobi, and the classic towns of Riga, Krakow, and UK’s London. At Astrology Energy, our local focus is international restaurant marketing services for those looking to celebrate locally.