Jupiter Astrology

Jupiter Astrology for 2023 with Astrology Energy

The adventure that is Jupiter in Aries now is a time for expansion, not contraction. This is a time for good fortune with those who take risk and seek after their hearts’ desires yet be careful to not do too much and be too self indulgent during this time. 

With Jupiter in the 8th house, the self healer. With a great understanding of human and interest in digging deep into the underbelly of things they think are being buried or withheld. They have a remarkable capacity and tolerance for adversity that allows them to endure and persevere in the midst of a crisis. They are often able to find a way to turn their pain into laughter or comedy. They tend to focus on the broader picture rather than get bogged down with fear and paranoia. Because of this, they can also help others heal through humor and positive attitude.