Astrology for Today

At Astrology Energy studio, our focus is on the Astrology Energy horoscopes, and the collective astrology as we head into the upcoming moments and interactions. Here with Pluto heading into Aquarius before backing back up into Capricorn in mid June. The leading astrology readings for today and future events as well as past charts and the emphasis on the energy of astrology an it’s influence on us as individuals and a collective. With the current horoscope for January 2023 and what to look forward to in the future, at Astrology Energy we aim to deliver precise and accurate information regarding astrology and the horoscopes of today.

Join us at Astrology Energy as we take a look at Aries influence on Jupiter, the recent full moon in Cancer and the latest events. The magic of Jupiter’s influence on our lives comes into full scope in 2023 with Jupiter in Aries.

Sex and Astrology

Astrology Energy and the influence of astrology and the planets’ energies on sex, sexual attraction and manifestation plus the ultimate guide on sex and love with astrology. As we know Astrology Energy exchanges take place everyday between human beings and the compatability of energies is key.

A massive period of transitition and change as 2023 is a watershed year for us here. The nature of our reality, how we form our reality and a paradigm shift.

Build Your Inner Reserves

Build your inner reserves in January, spend time alone, rejuvenate and more.