January 2023 Horoscope

Behind the scenes in January with both Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn and Mars Retrograde in Aries. Now is the time to lay low, meditate and plan. Stripping yourself of illusions go within and decide what is important. Capricorn and the western forcast for January 2023 as the sluggish continues in retrograde. An interesting time indeed as we begin our time here in January 2023.

Around the 8th of January, a wakeup call will arise with the full moon and the mercury uranus venus moment. Mars is turning direct on the 12th but we are not feeling the quiet movement. Anxiety producing movement may tamper us this as mercury is still retrograde.

January 14th Energy

Venus squares Uranus on January 14th along with the mercury retrograde in place.

Financial Beginnings

Where is the sun shining for that month, the Capricorn till January the 20th, visibiity, new beginnings, the beginnings of the year. New projects, visibiity and merury being in Capricorn. The energetic anchor of Mars as we move into 2023. It may feel like we are getting up on the wrong side of the bed. Mercury having just turned retrograde may give Mars a boost.

Venus Moves Into Aquarius January 2nd

Venus and Pluto create a fun mixture. Pluto is dark and deep and Venus is light and love. When Venus and Pluto join together the more dark, intense energy comes out. The heightened passage of January 1st squared with Chiron and we are definetely feeling this today.

Illusions and fantasies as it moves into Taurus mid-day with things being not as easy or right as we would like them to be.

Full Moon in Cancer on January 6th

With the nurturing and reflective time Cancer and mars stationing in gemini and mercury is going direct on the 18th and in conjuction with the sun and something breaking free with relative ease with the Full Moon in Cancer this January, Uranus will fascilitate this with the alignment of the moon and the sun.

January 21st 2023 Horoscope