Mercury Astrology

The planet mercury has been having a major influence on us in recent moments. The Mercury energy, and the chaos that may have occured for many individuals and their relationships from the Mercury Retrograde period in September of 2022 that pushed on through till January of 2023. At the moment when we were lurcking in the shadow period of the Mercury Retrograde. Moving into Virgo on September 23rd and beginning with Libra, this is a time to proofread and double check emails, itineraries and more. Retroshade is the period just before and after Mercury Retrograde.

Astrology and Mercury Retrograde

Everyone wants to know the best way how to handle a mercury retrograde and here at Astrology Energy we recommend you chill. Now we all know that Mercury is a hated sign that people dislike because of their issues with the twins and mercural nature of dishonesty.

Mercury Opposition Jupiter

Expecting the unexpected with Mercury Opposition Jupiter.