November 2022 Horoscope

November promises to be an interesting month as we move deep into Scorpio season through the first two weeks of November and exit through the Sagitarius sun about a third away through the month. At Astrology Energy we are going to deliver the insights on what we can expect with our alignments of planets and the energies of the planets and their effects on us as individuals and collectively this November 2022.

Let’s begin with the first week in November leading into the Midterm Elections in the United States. First, I would like to say that manifestation of your desired reality through Astrology is key. Mars is retrograde in Gemini which does not surprise me at all. Let’s dive deep into how this can effect our ability to communicate, write, verbally express ourselves as individuals and communicate with each other.

Jupitor goes retrograde in Pisces after being retrograde in Aries since July and will remain retrograde until around Noveber 22. And Neptune in Pisces has also been a leader of what we have been experiencing lately and this is something that I do want to discuss.