Venus Opposite Saturn Transit August 2022

The transition of Venus opposite Saturn creates a conflict with relationships, increasing the difficulty for harmony, and to form a loving relationship. During this transition it is a good time to be alone although one might feel lonely and vulnerable regarding close relationships and the needs and desire to be loved. During the end of August this will continue to be the case. Meanwhile Venus also is in a square with Uranus testing the stability of love relationships.

Restrictions in Love and Finance

When a Venus opposite Saturn transit occurs an energy of sadness, dispair and loneliness may cause delays and limitations that can affect your love life and also affect your finances. One can feel socially awkward and it is recommended to avoid large groups of people and environments with lots of socializing. 

At Astrology Energy we take a look at all the transits taking place and do our best to offer insights into the energy of Astrology in 2022 leading into 2023.

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